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An amazing service provided by Curtis Hedges where your only limitation is your Imagination!

Curtis background in Sales & Marketing, Web & Technology Development, Film Production & Distribution, Graphic Design, Animation, and Social Media makes him your first and last point to commercial success.

20+ years in business

For the last 20 years, Curtis has provided Sales, Marketing and Film Development services for such companies as Toyota, Nissan, AT&T, Netflix and Gaia to name a few. Check out his Linkedin profile to learn more.

Loved by customers

As a film producer and director since 2006, Curtis work has been cherished by millions of people from around the world. Check out his IMDb profile to see his growing body of work.

Featured Past Work (Films, Websites & Etc.) By Curtis Hedges

Curtis Hedges

Curtis Hedges specializes in conceptualization: Curtis creates the concepts that answers everyday problems for companies and executes the strategies that accomplishes their sales & marketing goals.