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Born in 1979, Curtis Hedges started from humble beginnings on the streets of the San Fernando Valley. At the age of 7, Curtis picked up as a passion for breakdancing which consumed most of his free time over his entire youth and into his early adulthood. In spite of his love and dedication for breakdancing, Curtis also had a natural and uncanny understanding of computers. Taking all of his Barmitzvah money, Curtis bought himself the top of the line Mac Tower Pro which cost $3400 in 1992 and taught himself from the ground up how to work everything Mac. It was of no surprise to anyone when Curtis became both a professional dancer and entrepreneur at 19 years of age. Curtis stage name at the time became Bboy Peter Pan. Through his efforts as a dancer, computer wiz-kid, and keen sense of things brought Curtis into amateur production work producing VHS tapes and later DVD videos to some of the best dancers in the Los Angeles area. After a short stink working at Channel 56 public access TV out of Pasadena, CA help further boost Curtis interest in TV and Film production. In 2003 Curtis worked as an apprentice for a 2 year period with the late Karl Bornstein of Mirage Editions learning advance marketing, licensing and strategic growth tactics within commerce. This laid the foundations for the Luminary that would come later.